House Sitter   Janice Burch

House Sitter Janice Burch

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Location:   Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Age:   59

Experience:   4 yr 8 mo

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About Janice Burch:

I am an active business owner, writer and fitness buff looking to secure short and long term agreements to care for your home and/or pets with the same passion and love as I would care for my own. I own a career services company and work as a publicist/writer for company executives and personalities so can travel the world while growing my company and have time to care for your beloved pets and assets. The only requirement I have is a good internet connection for connecting with clients, editors, etc. and I have much time left in my day to help take care of your beautiful home and pets.

House sitting has helped me expand my horizons, experiences, travel and knowledge. No better way to do this than by temporarily relocating to communities throughout the world. 

A writer at heart, my interest in caring for your home, connecting with new people and learning from others around the globe lends itself well to house sitting. 

Described as a clean freak by those who know me, I love yoga, clean eating, meditation and take a holistic approach to life and health. I will treat your pets with unending love, give them the exercise they need and treat your home with impeccable care.

I am confident in saying that selecting me to house sit or pet sit will be one of the best decisions you will make and I vow to treat your home and property with the loving care  you should demand.

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Brad B

Homeowner in Charleston, South Carolina

She provided outstanding care to my home and pets. A pleasure for my neighbors and a genuine caring person. Hiring again in near future.

Date of Service Jun 1, 2015