House Sitter   Mike Irolla

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House Sitter Mike Irolla

Location:   Marquette, Michigan

Age:   44

Experience:   3 yr 8 mo

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About Mike Irolla:

I am a very mindful, responsible, capable, non-smoking, 42-year old guy who has many attributes that a homeowner will likely find desirable.


I have a 4-year college degree in art, along with a 2-year course at a tech school where I studied wood products technology. To make a long story short, I do several different things for work, but the easiest way to describe my range of skills is to call myself a general contractor with a specialty in fine woodworking, carpentry, and furniture making. Any homeowner can rest assured knowing I have a broad knowledge of home mechanical systems including electrical, plumbing, and structural.

I have much experience with high responsibility positions at various companies--lead roles; the one doing the organizing and delegating, along with doing the labor itself. I also had a successful business doing fine craft shows and working with galleries.


I can provide a portfolio of various projects (art, furniture, and homes I've built) I worked on to show examples of my awareness of details. I try to bring the same standard of quality to everything I do in life, including house sitting.


I value a neat, clean, orderly home environment, one that provides a calming sense of space rather than allowing clutter to build up, which not only clutters up the house but the mind as well. I assure you your home will be well cared for.


Right now I'm in the process of finishing up a non-fiction book. I have saved up enough money to allocate myself the time to focus on my book to bring it through to a published work. I won't need to be doing jobs while I house sit. This means I don't mind being a bit of a homebody to care for your home while I work on my laptop. I would think of it as a writing retreat. 


On references:

I have cared for several people's homes in different areas in Michigan and in the Virgin Islands, and in Maine. I never thought to collect references though as I was not trying to be a listed as a formal house sitter so I only have 1 listed here. If I asked every person I sat for over the years for references, I'd have a big list to show you. They would provide excellent endorsements. I totally understand that people wish to see references. I would too. 


I always leave a home in the same or better condition I find it in.  And I can easily manage any sort of home mechanical issue should one arrive, along with yard maintenance. I hope my skills and personal profile will convince you of my responsible, mindful, professional, and trustworthy nature.


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Mike was great, he took good care of our house, our pets and took care of snow removal and ran the wood stove all winter. He was there Jan through March, and there were no issues or concerns, he communicated well and was very low impact. We also have about 50 plants to tend to and they all looked great. Would definitely use Mike again, Thanks Mike

Reviewed Jul 14, 2017 by homeowner in Round Pond, Maine

References 3

Bill And Cheryl Leete

Homeowner in Marquette, Michigan

The software wouldn't allow me to select my dates of service, which were over 10 years ago.

I can get a reference from Bill or Cheryl if you wish. I have established contact again after they moved to a new location without taking their old phone number with them.

Date of Service Nov 20, 2011

Ned And Karen Gerrard

Homeowner in St. John, US Virgin Islands

It will be hard to track these folks down as they moved to South Carolina after living in the US Virgin Island where I both worked at their high end home construction company as well as house sat their home while they were away several times. They would provide great references if i could track them down. I sat for them over the course of years.

Date of Service May 13, 2011

Bill And Cheryl Leete

Homeowner in St. John, US Virgin Islands

I cared for their home and property in the Virgin Islands on and off for a 5 year period, but the software won't let me pick the dates to show the range. Stayed many months each time.

I can get a reference from Bill or Cheryl if you wish. I have established contact again after they moved to a new location without taking their old phone number with them.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2011