House Sitter   Christine Keuler

House Sitter Christine Keuler

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Location:   Eagan, Minnesota

Age:   63

Experience:   6 yr 3 mo

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About Christine Keuler:

Hi, I'm a mature, friendly, responsible woman who grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin.  I was the oldest girl in a family with nine children. Now I have two grown children of my own.

I have lived in Europe, and have been the owner of three homes in the US. I have been the sole owner and caretaker of my current home for 25 years, and it is a 2 story colonial with many gardens.  I have owned cats, and I care for my daughter's dog when she travels.

I have a business degree, and I have managed a customer service team for a Fortune 500 company and currently do Sales support.

When I was a teenager I did house sitting for a local doctor in my small town.  Now, people who know my friendly, responsible, adventuresome nature have recommended for several years that I house sit, and I find that I am at the very right time of my life to do so again.  I would welcome the opportunity to take care of your home, plants and pets for you.

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