House Sitter   Jess & Josh Harty

House Sitter Jess & Josh Harty

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Location:   Madison, Wisconsin

Age:   42

Experience:   9 yr 11 mo

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About Jess & Josh Harty:

We are a couple in our 30's who love to travel! Josh is a musician (singer/ songwriter) and we have spent the past 5 years touring around the world and living in various places. We love animals and gardening and would be honored to take care of your home.

Josh is also a super handy guy- in the past he has worked in various types of construction and carpentry jobs, as well as being a skilled car mechanic. We have also "flipped" a couple of houses in Florida (Josh does the handy work and Jess mostly paints and landscapes) in the last couple years. If you have any questions or would like to talk to our references, please let us know!

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References 3

Sanford Dewitt

Employer in Madison, Wisconsin

Josh has worked at Sanford's storage facility off and on when we're in Madison, and we have stayed in the attached apartment while he is out of town. A great friend and supporter, Sanford would happily supply a glowing recommendation.

Date of Service Jul 29, 2015

Sara Kroenke

Homeowner in Madison, Wisconsin

We stayed at Sara & Derek's lovely lakeside home for about 10 days to take care of their cats and water plants. They would gladly provide a positive reference!

Date of Service Jun 15, 2015

Suzy Willis

Homeowner in Arundel, United Kingdom

We met Suzy at one of Josh's gigs on our first European tour. She didn't know us but let us stay at her house for several nights. Since then, we have returned every year, often staying at her house while she's away. Suzy has become a dear friend and would definitely provide a great reference.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2012