House Sitter   Theresa Thompson

House Sitter Theresa Thompson

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Location:   Huffman, Texas

Age:   52

Experience:   7 yr 10 mo

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About Theresa Thompson:

We are a newly retired couple with three grown children! Two out of  3 graduated college, one married but no grand-babies yet, and one a senior at U of Houston!  We feel the time has never been better to spread our wings and fly around the world for a few years!

Bill has recently retired after 41 years at his company and I have been a licensed real estate agent in the state of Texas for approximately 17 years and have managed  properties throughout my career.

In the past, Bill built 2 of our three homes from the ground up.  Board by board.  Complete with electrical, plumbing, roofing and foundation, etc. Working with lots of machinery and tools. Everything needed to complete the homes.

Part of my childhood includes years on a mini farm with cows, goats, and pigs. Later in life, I helped my family tend to a 20-acre grapefruit farm. 

Currently there are three permanent fur babies at our home and up to 5 temporary pets on occasion. Robert, our big handsome 12 year old cat and  two rescue dogs, Sugar, a black lab mix and one of her 13 puppies, Bo, weighing in at 125 pounds!  Bo and Sugar were my first attempt with a rescue. The intention was only to foster two of the puppies...  My hope was to continue fostering/rescuing but realize now it would only turn into a menagerie of giant animals! We are, however, grateful for Bo and Sugar.  

As far as their care when we are away,  my very active mother and my youngest son, 25 yr old, Garrett live on our property. 

Although we have sat house and taken care of family and friends' "fur babies", on occasion, technically, we  have not had "professional" house sitting experience...yet, but would love to get started. 

We feel we have a lot to offer with our life experiences and our love for animals.  

Be sure to email, call and/or text questions, concerns and/or to simply visit about the possibility of us taking care of your home and your 4 legged babies. 

Theresa 281.235.8020.
Bill 713.628.9008

Thanks so much,
Theresa & Bill 


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Took care of the home and two very sweet and sometimes mischievous bichon frise males for a month while the homeowners were out of the country.

Date of Service Sep 1, 2018

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House sat and looked after two grand kittens and one grand puppy for 12 days while our son was on one of his many out of the country trips during the year.

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My daughter. I'm not sure if it counts that I have taken care of George, my grand-dog on a number of occasions. I have stayed at her house and he has stayed at mine. He is a high maintenance boxer with a TON of energy!

Date of Service Jan 1, 2016

Jackie Crawford

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House sitting on 2 different occasions. 3 older dogs that needed lots of pampering. Benjie, Sweetie and Chloe. With a combined age of 32 people years :-)

I stayed with them on 2 different occasions; one 10/15/15 and in April of this year.

Date of Service Oct 15, 2015

Claudia Bak

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Claudia is my sister in law. I stayed for 8 days while she vacationed. I did house sitting and took care of her 4 cats for 8 days. Boots, Juliet, Lacey and Mama Mia!.

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Claudia Bak

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House sat for 5 days. Took care of the cats and house. Romeo and Juliet, Mama Mia, Boots, and Cagney and Lacey. The last two were young teenagers with lots of spunk!

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