House Sitter   Sheila Rucker

House Sitter Sheila Rucker

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Location:   Breckenridge, Colorado

Age:   49

Experience:   9 yr 11 mo

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About Sheila Rucker:

Hi, I'm Sheila Rucker.

I'm a sprite forty-two, a runner and skier. 

I'm an adventurous person by nature, and in the last year or so since my youngest left the house for college, I've become even more adventurous. 

For work, I'm a personal coach. I have the best job in the world in that I can work from anywhere with an internet connection and good telephone reception. My coaching aim is to empower women in all areas of their lives -- as an entrepreneur, employee, mother, wife, and lover.

As for why I'm taking on the role of house sitter, that's easy. I'm actively seeking out new experiences even if those experiences consist primarily of keeping your home and pets safe and cared for in the weeks and months you are away.

I've traveled extensively throughout the United States, especially to beautiful ski towns in the Rocky Mountains and points west. In all this travel, I have not, however, worked as a house sitter. Thus my references on the house sitting front are non existent. I do, of course, have other professional and personal references I can offer up.

And while I'm up for a variety of locations to sit, I'm partial to Colorado and especially Summit County and the town of Breckenridge. If any of you Breck property owners are looking for a mature woman with an established career who is serious about treating your home, pets, and belongings with the love and attention they deserve, then please give me a call and let's chat.

This is my year of adventure, so please take me up on my offer to safeguard your home. Go. Travel. Have fun.  And don't worry about your place while you're gone. I'll take care of everything.

If you want honesty, integrity, and character, then I'm your person.

Call or email soon.

Sheila Rucker

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