House Sitter   Cheryl Keech

House Sitter Cheryl Keech

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Location:   Bainbridge Island, Washington

Experience:   2 yr 6 mo

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About Cheryl Keech:

Myself (and husband, Mark Harrison) have lived on Bainbridge Island (Washington State, USA)  for the past 7 years.  We are US citizens. We are world travelers and getting ready to make a few changes as Mark is retiring.  I am a physician and my work allows me to have flexibility where I live as I work in clinical development.  As Mark is now retiring from the university (he is a Dean) and no longer tied to an academic calendar are wanting to try various countries during the northern hemisphere winter months.  Both of us grew up on farms and have owned our own farm (large animals: cattle, horses, goats).   We have degrees in animal science and have always had pets (dogs, cats, rabbits).  We have been blessed to be able to travel extensively in our lives and to have lived overseas in the past.  Mark was in the Peace Corp for a few years and I have worked in Africa, SouthEast Asia, India, and Australia.  Mark speaks fluent Spanish (I am not so fortunate!).

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