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House Sitter Arthur Pfaffko

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Location:   Usa, Florida

Experience:   5 yr 5 mo

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About Arthur Pfaffko:

Retired, 37 successful years with the original AT&T, technical and engineering.

Honorably discharged USAF.

Consistent, successful, full time homesitting in California, Florida, Idaho, Maine, Maryland, New York, NW Montana, North Carolina, Virginia & Washington since 2010


Single man, children grown & successful. 

Specializing in extreme situations & conditions.

Services available to care for homes, estates, farms, cabins, large or small. Have cared for homes up to 12,000 sq. ft. Oldest home, a very large Plantation Manor House built in 1812 with any "updates" originating pre 40's. Quite original, primitive & spartan.

Medium to long-term preferred.

Excellent nationwide references, impeccable credentials, reputation & background.

References, pictures, more information can be found at:

VERY clean, orderly, discreet & self-reliant.

Quite capable & equipped to handle all situations, specifically regarding maintenance & security of your property & contents. Many of my positions required care for cats, dogs, horses, sheep. They are most welcome! I love animals & enjoy their presence & caring for them! I have never encountered a problem with any of the animals that I have been charged with!

I can deploy an independent, triple redundant, temporary, portable, interior and exterior security & surveillance systems to protect your home, property, barns and outbuildings. Anything approaching the security perimeter within 300' is immediately detected by either one or all three systems that report to me anywhere via smartphone, email & text messages.

My phones operate on two separate systems and networks.

My systems have remote reporting fire alarms, smoke detectors, temperature sensors, water sensors as well as motion detectors & glass break detectors.

I can access the systems immediately and, via live video, monitor the premises.

Experienced with fireplaces (wood & gas), wood and pellet stoves, ancient fireplaces used for cooking as well as steam and water radiator heating and anything more modern.

I keep expenses; utility, heat, cooling & day to day, at an absolute minimum.

Knowledgeable & experienced with antique furniture...American, English, French, and Flemish/Dutch.

Paintings; Van Dyck, Rubens, Gainesboro/Gainesboro school, Titian. Porcelains; Meissen, Dresden, German and Japanese pre-war and occupational. Carpets; Persian.

Tapestries, woodwork, etc... Italian, Greek.

Experienced with AC/DC power. LP & Gas to 1200kw diesel generators, with & without automatic transfer switches.

I have owned five homes over the years & successfully raised my three children and our household pets and fish!

A nonsmoker. I have no pets of my own.

Very flexible about what you may desire in a person to manage your home/estate, most anything is negotiable.

Quite able to travel for you should that be necessary.

I provide my own transportation & resources.

It is not important for me to know why you will be away, where you will be or what you will be doing. However, it would not be what you have envisioned, if you are constantly concerned about your home, property or animals.

My intention is to remove that concern so you can either deal with, or enjoy, whatever the circumstances you are about to embark on.

I will be only a phone call away & of course, e-mail.

Once on-site, I rarely leave the premises except to shop, attend church or an occasional outing. I make certain there is no predictability as to my comings or goings.

I provide most all I require for bed, bath, kitchen and day to day living. I am not there to deplete your resources.

My main goal is for you & yours to have a mindset free of any concern regarding your property & the care of your animals while you are away.

Upon your return, once we've bid our farewells & I'm gone, I want you & yours to look around & be almost convinced that you'd never left & I was never there.

I carry a State Farm Insurance Policy to protect both of us. YOUR WORRIES STOP HERE!

Stipend, when appropriate. A minimum of travel expenses may be requested unless otherwise decided.

Additional significant employment & personal information available to serious inquiry.

Thank You for your consideration!

Art Pfaffko


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References 9

Sara Beatty

Homeowner in Strasburg, Virginia

There are not enough stars to rate Art Pfaffko's service as highly as he deserves. When he arrived, he promised to "exceed expectations." I can't even count the many ways he has lived up to, and beyond, that pledge.What we all thought was a 6-month position has morphed into FOUR YEARS. Our property is a large 200+ yr old home on 106 acres in rural Virginia. While in good repair, there have been many maintenance issues that have arisen, and Art has handled them all brilliantly.I will be happy to answer any specific questions about Art's abilities, but here is a sample of his accomplishments:He designed, maintained and monitored a sophisticated security system. He kept us apprised of all ongoing issues, by email and phone, and presented us with an accounting of all expenses. He has forwarded mail and packages and relayed messages as needed.He maintained good relationships with our own maintenance people, other tenants, and developed relationships with other tradespeople and city officials that proved invaluable.He dealt decisively with a mouse infestation!He maintained the home in perfect shape, and welcomed both us and our visitors for both short and long stays.He researched both tradespeople and equipment to find us the best possible deals.He figured out several plumbing and electrical issues and got them fixed expeditiously.When the house was put on the market, he rolled with the punches and kept the home in show condition, even stepping in to show it himself, when the Realtor was unavailable.He has seen Mt Pleasant through many weather events: hard freezes (and water freezes), blizzards, extreme heat/drought, wind storms, lightning strikes, the wettest year on record... He has seen it all, and dealt with it!
As I said, these are only a few of the challenges that Art has met with flying colors. More than a friend, he has become family. Anyone fortunate enough to have Art Pfaffko on their team is in very good hands.
Sara Beatty

Date of Service Oct 28, 2015

Harvey & Molly

Homeowner in Mariaville, Maine

This website is not set up for a listing over 30 days.
This home sit service was from November 2013 through April 2014
It was a private lakeside retreat at the end of a 3 mile logging road.

We engaged Art for the winter of 2013-2014 to house sit and cat sit for us at our lake home in mid Maine. Art was here from early December until late April and the Maine locals have all reported what we who avoided Maine this winter already knew: it was the worst winter in anyone’s memory. Lots of snow, storms always seemed to be coming through just as you thought the last one was plowed. And temperatures that hovered at a high near zero for days at a time. Well, many folks may have abandoned their post, especially when the power went out just before Christmas and stayed out for 9 days. Well, Art saw it through to the end, going through three generators in the process until one finally lasted, and, from his and others’ reports, loved it!!
Besides recommending Art for your winter’s worst nightmare, he was very professional, kept us informed always, took care of the two cats, helped the neighbor with plowing the road, kept the mail coming, and was in general, an excellent house/cat sitter.
Harvey & Molly

Date of Service Nov 1, 2014

Mt. Pleasant 1812 Farm Art Pfaffko

Homeowner in Strasburg, Virginia

If any problems with access, please call me, Art Pfaffko, 813-505-6954.

Currently, as of May 12, 2016, I am in a continued house/farm-sit in Strasburg, VA.
What was originally scheduled as a 6 month sit has turned into 3 years and continuing.
The owners will soon provide a full and complete reference.
When I arrived here in Virginia from California, October 2014, this historic old home was overrun with mice, snakes and rats..
I immediately remedied that situation and moved on to other "situations" within this 203 year old home.
This "Grand Old Lady", a monument to antiquity, at one time must have been an incredibly beautiful Plantation Manor home on a 200 acre farm.
When I lay in near ruin.
On my own accord, I transformed this plantation farm home into the most elegant home in the valley.
The lady who lived here had plants and flowers galore and I always did my best to honor her efforts and memory as I went about my work.
Suffice it to say that this years long effort did not come without a price to the owners and myself, but the end result was well worth it all.
A lot of "me" went into this transformation at no expense to the owners.
I do not "nickel and dime" my clients.

Date of Service Oct 1, 2014

Dale Bjorge

Homeowner in Whitefish, Montana

This service was performed from October 2011 thru May 01, 2012.
This website does not permit the listing of dates for extended service
This was my 2nd year here at the invitation of the home owners.
I was invited back for a 3rd winter but homeowners sold home and moved to AZ.

To Whom It May Concern:
Art Pfaffko was our house sitter from mid October 2011 thru the end of April 2012. He also was our house sitter for the year before for approximately the same period of time. He did everything that was asked of him and more. Art even set up his own security system to keep track of things that were going on around the property. He also communicated with us often about what was going on at our place and if anything needed to be taken care of. Art took care of our place as if it was his own.
We would certainly offer our house sitting position to Art again if the need arises.
Sincerely, Dale and Karla Bjorge

Date of Service Oct 1, 2012

Roy Edwards

Homeowner in Folsom & Placerville, California

This website is not set up for homesitting services for more than 30 days.
The following reference is one of four to follow.
I was invited back for 3 more summers, then they sold their home and moved out of state.
The 4 positions were from May through September of 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Roy & Robin Edwards
372 Flower Dr
Folsom, Ca 95630

September 30, 2011

To whom it may concern:

Art Pfaffko housesat for us the summer of 2011and had the responsibility of caring for our home, cat, fish pond and yard while we were away. We found Art to be a wonderful house sitter. He was very trustworthy, and conscientious. He did a great job of communicating with us throughout the summer, and took great care of our cat and fish pond. He handled any problems that arose effectively, and gave us a great sense of ease the entire summer, as we knew things at home were in good hands.

We were so pleased with him that we have asked him to housesit for us in the future. We definitely would recommend Art to anyone in need of a house sitter.


Robin Edwards

Date of Service May 1, 2012

Roy Edwards

Homeowner in Placerville, California

Luxury House Sitting website is not set up to list dates more than 30 days.
The above website is for the 2nd summer 2012 at invitation of the homeowners.
There are fours references total for the four summers I worked for them prior to their selling their home.

Date of Service May 1, 2012

Jim Mitchell

Homeowner in St. Petersburg, Florida

Actually, this service occurred the summer of 2005.
LUXURY HOUSE SITTING does not permit entries prior to 2012.

To Whom It May Concern:
I recently called Mr. Pfaffko to my “rescue” when I was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital on an emergency basis. I was very impressed how quickly he responded to my needs. Out of the blue and in the middle of the night he arrived at the hospital to check on my welfare. There, I informed him I would need someone to look after my home and energetic two year old German Shepard.
My hospital stay was longer than anticipated and I was able to depend on Mr. Pfaffko to attend to my needs. He gladly provided transportation to bring me home from the hospital. Once home, I found him to be very accommodating by having laundered my bed linens (and towels) and remaking the bed in advance. He also cleaned the house and watered the plants on his own initiative.
In another instance I left town for two weeks and felt confident and assured leaving my dog with Mr. Pfaffko. He actually allowed her to stay at his home where he walked her multiple times on a daily basis.
I would refer Mr. Pfaffko to anyone looking for a highly responsible and trustworthy assistant. He is very personal and attentive to all my needs. I can count on him for a variety of jobs/tasks ranging from home maintenance and upkeep to providing transportation to the airport. I have always found Mr. Pfaffko to be an honest, respectable and capable extra hand.
Jim Mitchell

Date of Service Jan 1, 2012

Steve Houle

Homeowner in Valrico, Florida

To whom it may concern:
My wife and I took a trip to Europe for about a month.
While we were away; Mr. Arthur Pfaffko took care of our home, maintained our yard,
and looked after our cat.
He attended to the daily grooming as well as her feeding and liter needs.
Mr. Pfaffko’s responsibilities entailed home maintenance; alternating room
lights, securing doors, along with our mail and newspaper collection during our absence.
All services were conducted as required and we were very pleased that we had Mr. Pfaffko to assist us, while we were away.
Art was professional and quite detailed in his duties to care after our home and pet.
Since our trip we have used Mr. Pfaffko's services from time to time and his efforts have always been exemplary!
It is with great respect and encouragement that I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Arthur

Steve & Samantha Houle

Date of Service Jan 1, 2012

Dale Borge

Homeowner in Whitefish, Montana

This service was performed from October 14, 2010 through May 01, 2011
This website does not permit the listing of extended service.
I was asked to come back for the winter of October 2011-May 2012 and did so.
That reference follows.

To Whom It May Concern:
Art Pfaffko was our house sitter for six months this past year. He did everything that was asked of him and more. Art even set up his own security system to keep track of things that were going on around the property. He also communicated with us often about what was going on at our place and if anything needed to be taken care of. Art took care of our place as if it was his own.
We would certainly offer our house sitting position to Art again if the need arises.
Sincerely, Dale and Karla Bjorge

Date of Service Oct 5, 2011