House Sitter   Kristen Kortick

House Sitter Kristen Kortick

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Location:   Boston, Massachusetts

Age:   35

Experience:   6 yr 11 mo

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About Kristen Kortick:

I am a legal fellow at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. I have a two year appointment in a fully remote position and looking for opportunities with consistent internet. The benefit to you: I am reliable, quiet, and low impact.  I was a former puppy raiser and veterinary support staff at Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Raphael, CA. Additionally, while in undergrad I house sat for a number of working professionals in California. I keep a very clean house and prefer to work at home. I am a hard working fellow, but feel as though this could be valuable for a homeowner looking for someone to keep a close eye on their home.  As such, I will be committed to keeping a homeowners property in pristine condition while they are away and would be willing to take on additional home maintenance duties as well. If there are any additional questions you may have feel free to e-mail me. I am looking for more of a long term house sitting situation. However, I am open to month to month options as well.

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Carol Mansfield

Homeowner in Solano, California

house sat 2 elderly dogs on a 30 acre orchard in the Solano County region.

Date of Service Jun 1, 2012