House Sitting Opportunity.   Bella Vista, Arkansas

House Sitting in Bella Vista, Arkansas

Location:   Bella Vista, Arkansas

Dates Needed:   Jun 15, 2024 - Aug 15, 2024

(Approximately 61 days)

Assignment Description:

Hi, I needed someone to watch over at my house to housesit while we are doing some caretaking for my parents here in California. My mother has a terminal cancer - Parotid gland carcinoma cancer and she has only a few months to live. We are needed here to help in everyday chores of my parents.  Thank you if you can reply to us. Our home is in Bella Vista Arkansas and its a 3 bedroom 21/2 bathroom. We just need someone to come in for a few days during the week so that it looks like someone is home. We noticed some people are snooping around the property with our installed camera in the property.

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