House Sitting Opportunity.   Blackwood, New Jersey

House Sitting in Blackwood, New Jersey

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Location:   Blackwood, New Jersey

Assignment Description:

I am in urgent need of a house/pet sitter. I have 3 cats that I've had for 16 years. I have a family emergency and have to leave to take care of my grandchildren. If I don't find a sitter I will have to send my cats to the shelter. I would have to put them to sleep so they don't suffer which I don't want to do. I love my cats. They are very self sufficient. All I need is for them to be fed and their litter box kept clean. They can't be left alone for six weeks so I need someone to stay at my apartment ìn Blackwood, NJ. I have a 1 bedroom. It's neat and çlean. All you would have to do is clean up behind yourself. I could pay 75/week.