House Sitting Opportunity.   Burlington, Massachusetts

House Sitting in Burlington, Massachusetts

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Location:   Burlington, Massachusetts

Assignment Description:

We own a big old comfortable house (1800-1830) which we have done extensive work to over the 35 years we've lived here. Like any old house, ours sometimes needs a little extra care. We travel a lot, especially during the winter, and we have always had a friend or relative stay in the house while we are gone for extended periods. This year, 2 of those relatives are traveling with us and we have no one to actually live here. Fortunately, we do have a great next door neighbor who watches our house like a hawk and has been very helpful on those occasions when an issue has arrived, and our sitter didn’t know quite what to do. Aside from our neighbor, we have a few other good friends who can be helpful if there is a problem.

But mostly, the sitter’s job is to do what anyone would do while living in a house,- feed the 2 cats, keep the house clean, turn the lights off at bedtime (except those that are on timers), turn the heat down at night, while making sure it’s still warm enough in the winter so the pipes don’t freeze. Basic stuff. We have done this so often that we have a list of names and contacts, - oil company, plumber, etc. We have full cable, WiFi and security system, of course. We also have a young woman who comes over and cuts the cats’ nails.

We live in a residential neighborhood in a town of about 25,000, about 25 minutes from Boston (unless it’s commuting time, in which case can take well over an hour). The town, commercially, has sort of exploded over the past 5 years. We now have a Wegman’s, many very good restaurants and other upscale commercial stores. Burlington also has a very large mall, movie theaters, far too many banks and 5 large supermarkets within about 3 miles of our house. Our house is also within 3 minutes walking distance to a CVS and an old, ugly ‘50’s little strip mall which has a very good Indian restaurant and a so-so Chinese one. Aside from Boston, Burlington is very close (5 to 10 miles) to Concord and Lexington and all the historical stuff they offer.

That’s about it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 😊 And thanks for your interest