House Sitting Opportunity.   Ione, California

House Sitting in Ione, California

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Location:   Ione, California

Assignment Description:

We have a 10 acre ranch 1 hour from Sacramento CA and 2 hours to San Francisco CA. 

Housesitters will stay in the main house in the Master Bedroom.

Ranch has Wifi, Cable TV, pool, 2 acre pond. 

In addition to the main house we have multiple guesthouses on the property that we rent out on Airbnb.

At a minimum we have 3 dogs that will need cared for as well as light landscaping upkeep.

As of right now we also have an elderly Aunt living with us. She stays in her bedroom and we are unsure if she will still be here by February of 2021. She has dementia and does not like to leave her room. She has her own space and she watches "The Waltons" on Amazon Prime all day :)

We are open to paying to help with our aunt and to take care of the Airbnb's we have on the property. 

We would prefer a couple that is looking to not only house sit but take care of the Airbnb's and our aunt and we would show preference to those interested in the extra duties :)

Both of our inlaws live on the same road we do so if any thing is needed they could quickly be here.

We will be available via email but are taking an adventure trip and will not be in touch 24/7

We have had questions about our Aunt and Airbnb's and here are our responses:

This is our first time listing the property so we do not really know what to expect!

(we have hired a sitter for 2020 dates so we can update this by june of 2020 for more details on how it went)

So you would be OK with our dogs, my aunt and the Airbnb's I presume :)

My wife's parents are 1 ranch over and my mother actually lives up there too. My in-laws are in their 80's so they do not really help here anymore but are an added resource to have around if need be.

My mom on the other hand is only 69 (still very fit and active) and helps a lot. Essentially we are seeking help for my Mom while we are gone as she cant take care of everything by herself.

She would be available to help make sure all supplies are always here for the ranch and for my aunt, etc (My aunt is actually my Mom's sister- its easier for my aunt to live with us vs with my Mom as they do not always get along)

My aunt is 77 and is what we would consider Stage 3 dementia- She knows who she is and who we are and has a recollection of her life but her short term memory is gone. She still feeds herself and bathes herself etc. (Does NOT require any nursing type care) She needs her food prepared for her- however it's not hard as she eats like a kid! In the morning I take her coffee, her meds and a pastry. She eats a light lunch- maybe a half a sandwich or apples with cut cheese. For dinner she has a rotation of things like macaroni and cheese, pastas, hot dogs (really like a kid) We have a running list of the things she eats and keep it all stocked here. We have a fridge in the kitchen, one in the basement as well as a deep freezer. She does not drive and she rarely leaves her bedroom. She watches the Waltons on Amazon Prime all day (she seems to not mind the repeat episodes- in fact we have taken to just letting her watch 3 seasons as those are "happy" seasons and it keeps her happy!)

For the Airbnb's- my mom currently helps me and we do all of the flips to get ready for the next guests and she would be available to help you with those. One person could do it but it goes much faster with someone else and it's not as lonely :)

During the winter there are not many landscaping chores to do. Our winter months never get below freezing. We have a big fireplace in the den- I spend a lot of time reading by it in the winters.

February/March are still low 50's during the day, low 40's at night and we have a fire almost everyday- its really a "down" time here at the ranch. The summer (june/july/august) is 95 plus degrees everyday so its a big change!

Oh- we will leave our cars here so you could use them while we are gone.

How much pay have you been negotiating with your hosts? And or, what amount would you expect/what would make you feel happy to be here? :)



ps- I'm not sure if this site will let me send a link but I will try- this is one of our Airbnb's:

  1. how many Airbnbs booking? The link showed 1 cabin but are there more? 

Right now we have 2 Airbnb's, we might have 3 by that point.

My mom helps "flip them" and on days where there are flips we work from 12-1:30 or 12-3 if we need to do 1 or both

  1. have you determined compensation for auntie care and helping with cabins?

I have not determined compensation- I am talking to now multiple people about the position and asking them what would make them happy :)

What amount would make you happy?

  1. assume between aunt and aibnb's there is time to be off property to hike, explore nearby towns? 

Yes- we do not have "flips" everyday and we already have a girl that comes on Sundays so almost all weekends would be open plus the days of the week with no flips

And my mom is here and can sub in to help with my Aunt :)