House Sitting Opportunity.   Blackman Eddy, Belize

House Sitting in Blackman Eddy, Belize

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Location:   Blackman Eddy, Belize

Assignment Description:

I am looking for a couple to maintain the property while I am out of the country for 2 short trips. *June 1-18th. *June 28th-July 8th. 
Sitters may enjoy exploring Belize in the intervening time and are free to use my home as a base.

I will need the house sitters to arrive on JUNE 1ST, 2 days before I leave, please. I can spend the next day showing you the area and helping you get a feel for the place.
Transport from the airport is either by bus or shuttle - I will help you with that choice!

You must be non smokers, very light alcohol drinkers, have clean driving records and previous house sitting references if possible please.

"Nina's Place" is a 5* guest house, however the business will be closed during my absence. Take a look at the website to get a idea of the property : 

One cabana is available for the house sitter's use (Please see on my website - "Bungalow"). It has a queen bed, indoor bathroom, kitchenette with single electric ring and a balcony. 
You will have access to the kitchen, and laundry facilities in the main house. I hang clothes out to dry but there is a dryer if needed.

The property encompasses 4 cabanas, a beautiful tropical garden, my house and a small restaurant which is closed.

Wifi is available throughout the property and pretty reliable.

You will rarely find a mosquito on the property although we do get some tiny "no-see-ems" which are more of an irritation than anything.

There will be a certain amount of daily plant watering in the yard.
My house will need occasional sweeping and some countertop cleaning as things get dusty with the windows always open!

Please keep everything clean and food put away in the fridge or in sealed bags. This will keep the critters away!

The 2 yard workers will come on Saturdays, 7am-5pm. 

My car will not be available for your use (except for emergencies). It is a Toyota Prado/4-wheel drive.
**Absolutely NO drinking and driving.
**It does need topping up with coolant before each use.
The quality of Belizean drivers, roads and most vehicles, vary from bad to astoundingly terrible. You must be vigilant while driving. 

The  buses are a very economical and easy way to get around. They will stop anywhere along the road for pickup and drop off, including right in front of this property. 
Local trips are between USD$1 and USD$2. To go further afield you may pay USD$5.

The property is equal distance between San Ignacio to the west and Belmopan to the east. Spanish Lookout is 8 miles to the north and the ocean is a 2hr. drive to the south-east.

Belize is a beautiful, mostly English speaking country, with fascinating cultures including Maya, Mestizo, Creole and Garifuna.
This area, known as Cayo district, is home to several Mayan ruins, the jungle, caves and other adventures, including an iguana sanctuary and Mayan chocolate making.
Nina's Place is only 25 miles east of the Guatemalan border.

Spanish is spoken a lot in this area given its proximity to Guatemala. While you don't need Spanish to live here, you may enjoy learning and/or speaking it!

The weather is generally warm/hot and humid but there is usually a breeze blowing.

No smoking and limited alcohol use is non-negotiable. 

The accommodation and property is solely for the house sitters. No one else is allowed on the property, with the exception of some whose names I will give you.

While the house is open to you, only the kitchen and washer and dryer are available for use. My office space is COMPLETELY off limits to anyone.

This property is currently for sale but the realtors will contact you if they want to show someone round. I will give house sitters the realtors contact information.