Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Does Luxury House Sitters charge a fee for membership?

  • For house sitters, membership is $25.00 per year

  • For home owners, membership is 100% free

Q:  What is the cost of hiring a House Sitter?

Each house sitter will provide you with their specific charges (if any). House Sitters will consider the requirements of the assignment, and request a fee based on those requirements. All fees related to each house sitting assignment, including travel expenses, should be discussed with the homeowner during the initial interview with the house sitter.

Q:  How long is the average house sitting assignment?

Each assignment is unique to each homeowners' needs, and therefore there is no average duration. A homeowner may require a sitter for as short as a weekend, up to a year or longer. You can however get an idea of assignment lengths by visiting our FIND A SITTER page and reviewing the list of "Newest Assignments Listed with Luxury House Sitting".

Q:  Does the House Sitter Stay in my home?

A house sitter will stay overnight in your home if you want them to. However, house sitters can also be hired to perform simple services such as gathering mail and papers, turning lights on and off, moving a car in the driveway, Pet Sitting, and taking trash containers to the curb and returning them make a house look occupied.

Q:  Does Luxury House Sitting perform background checks on its members?

As disclosed in our Terms & Conditions of Service, Luxury House Sitting does not currently conduct background checks on our members, as there is currently no completely fail safe method for detecting such users that can be applied across our entire service.

We do however make every possible effort to monitor our service for unusual activity, and will investigate any member who exhibits suspicious behavior, and remove them if we deem necessary.

We also encourage our members to alert us to possible fraudulent activity, by sending an email directly to Luxury House Sitting. Please include as much information as possible, such as the member's name, location and your specific concerns about the member in question.

Q:  I am a Home Owner. Do I need to create a written contract for my house sitter to review and sign?

As the home owner, it is your responsibility to protect yourself against damages to your home. Afterall, a house sitter is a human being and problems may arise, whether their actions be accidental or criminal.

We strongly recommend that you create a written contract for your house sitter to review and sign before allowing them to look after your home. Should any problems arise after your engagement with the house sitter, your contract may cover your losses if legal action is necessary to resolve your issue.

Q:  I am a House Sitter. Should I sign a written contract that the home owner has prepared?

As the house sitter, it is your responsibility to protect yourself in the arrangement as well. Carefully review the contract before signing it and make sure your best interests are covered in the agreement as well.

Q:  What information should I have ready for the House Sitter?

As the home owner, it is your responsibility to provide your house sitter with emergency contact information, and the phone numbers of who to call in case of "daily emergencies" such as your plumber, your electrician, or your veterinarian.

If you want your house sitter to contact you on a regular basis with incident reports, please prepare a contact schedule for them. If your absence will require your house sitter to contact other people (e.g., lawn maintenance and other service providers) please have their contact information available as well.

Other things you might want to provide to your house sitter: house keys, alarm system information, car keys, pet care information, etc.

Q:  What is your refund policy for House Sitter registration fees?

If you are not happy with our service, simply request a refund within 60 days of submitting your payment and we will refund your money immediately.

If you have other questions about our company in general, please contact us and we will review your request.