House Sitting Opportunity.   Whitehorse, Canada

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House Sitting in Whitehorse, Canada

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Location:   Whitehorse, Canada

Assignment Description:

Spacious log home in wilderness setting. A place where you can practically hear the "silence". If you like nature and solitude with all of the amenities of home, this place is for you.

The following describes our requirements and a brief note about who we are, in the hope it will avoid possible initial misunderstandings .

We prefer a person who feels comfortable in the outdoors.

We also assume that he/she would have a sincere desire to visit and be in the Yukon. 

We are educators, Joe is retired and Linda still working, maybe not for long! We do travel at least 2-3 times a year, short and long distance. We are easy going people with a strong love for family, nature, and travel. 

Below are more details about the property, immediate environment, general duties required, and what we offer.

We are off grid, 6 km off the two lanes North Klondike Highway, along a dirt/gravel road. We are the only all-year-round residents on Fox Creek Road. It is a complete wilderness setting with almost all major, big and small, mammals and birds present and/or passing through our 160 acres forested and wild property. If this is a worry of yours you should perhaps reconsider this assignment. What this means and requires is a completely different mind set/attitude when in the outdoors. The Yukon can be Heaven on Earth, but this is also mosquito/black flies country. Unless you have allergies, bites would not endanger your health, but in certain areas they can make your life miserable in the Summer when hiking. We tell it the way it is!!!

It is fairly isolated, and not by accident. The location was carefully chosen, the nearest neighbours, the community of Deep Creek of which we are a part, is 5 km away as the crow flies. The city of Whitehorse downtown is 52 km-45 min away by car. There's no public transportation available, but communication is normal…satellite internet/wifi, land line and cell phone service available. In case of an emergency, a list of people resources will be available, of course.

The house is NOT labour intensive during the Summer, just a general knowledge of what to watch for can be shown in a few minutes. No pets! Hurrahhh! We love animals, but we would not be able to care for them properly, so we've only cared for our friends' pets, here in our own house. You will have to care maybe for just a few indoor and outdoor plants. Although off grid, which, for the uninitiated, means we are producing our own power, the house operates like a regular city home. We are very fond of our kitchen which is well stocked with most all amenities.

To the house sitter we can offer room and (reasonable lol!) board and the use of a 4x4 SUV. We are not fond of contracts, so what we will simply require is a signature on a page which will describe the duties required of the house sitter during his/her stay in our home. Being a little out of the city of Whitehorse, we will provide the house sitter airport pick-up and delivery. There may also be the possibility that we ourselves may need to be taken to the airport and picked-up on our return. 

It will be very helpful if we knew about your expectations, and if serious about the assignment, what you would like us to do to make it more desirable for you.

Hope the above gives you a reasonable idea about our assignments.

Thank you.

Joe & Linda