House Sitter   Angela Assad

House Sitter Angela Assad

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Location:   Chicago, Illinois

Age:   46

Experience:   4 yr 9 mo

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About Angela Assad:

Hi! We are Angela, Erik, Lana and Julien. We are artists, explorers, scientists, musicians, householders, homesteaders, climbers, players, laughers and lovers. By trade, Angela is an MSTOM acupuncturist, herbalist and food alchemist. Erik has an undergraduate degree in Zoology, a Masters of Science in Landscape architecture and comes with years of experience in both design and installation at a prestigious North Chicago firm. Lana has a third grade education and loves Riding horses, making art, and long walks on the beach collecting sea glass and rare stones. Julien is just wrapping up first grade and fancies himself an inventor and researcher. 

Lana and Julien have attended a Waldorf School for their entire educational careers. As a family, we have decided to take the next year or so off to travel the world and homeschool along the way, studying the languages, culture, geography, history and art of each place we visit. At least, that's the dream. Let's see where this takes us...

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Lisa Geiger

Homeowner in Chicago, Illinois

Stayed in the condo for the month of May. Lovingly maintained the aquarium and kept the house clean.

Date of Service May 1, 2016